Cursus ‘The Power of Now’

“All the wisdom of life is in living well each present moment” (Chiara Lubich)

The Power of Now: Increase your capacity to welcome the richness that each moment offers, given by Sofia Noguera, awareness coach.

Being in the here and now with awareness helps us to navigate through the many challenges of the frantic modern life. Stress, anxiety, negative thoughts or emotional distress separate us from the present, the only moment in which we can experience the presence of God in us and around us giving a sense of purpose and meaning to our day.

This practical workshop and the following course (in English) will give you the opportunity to train on ‘living well each present moment’.

You will learn how breathing techniques, awareness of the body in stillness and in movement, meditation practices as well interpersonal exercises can reduce the impact of stressors, strengthen our resilience or help us to manage unhelpful thinking patterns and put us back in touch with ourselves.

Cursusdata: 3, 10 en 31 maart, 7 april, 5 mei en een halve dag op 25 april

Tijd: van 19.30 uur – 21.00 uur (25 april van 10.00 uur – 14.00 uur)

Locatie: Mariënkroon, Abdijlaan 8, 5253 VP Nieuwkuijk, uitsluitend parkeren op het grote parkeerterrein meteen rechts na het poortgebouw.

Totale kosten voor de gehele cursus: € 130

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